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Something cheerful on new instrument - non guitar


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I love my uke.


My wife gave it to me in Hawaii when we were first dating, back in 1997.

I play it a few times a week, and rock it at the old folks home whenever we go out there to entertain.


I ordered an electric solid-body uke last week, but since it won't be delivered until February, I believe that I will leave it in the original packaging, and give it to my brother for his Birthday on 25 Feb.


Paying it forward!!



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Thanks Sparqs!

Yea the ukes are a great antidote to guitar lethargy / boredom / frustration. I've been learning a lot of jazz standards..American Songbook stuff..great fun.And my music theory knowledge has benefited too.

I didn't have any great interest in them till forum member Buc started posting songs during a uke period he had.Then I realised it was a real instrument.

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