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Elvis playing Elvis


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Elvis loved that '56 J200. The story goes that after he came back from the army in 1960, Elvis asked Scotty Moore to send the J200 out for a "refurbishment" at Gibson. Gibson replaced the standard pickguard with the "batwing" and inlaid Elvis' name on the fretboard. Apparently, it was not completed in time for some recording sessions he had so he was given a 1960 J200 which he kept and loved as well. You can see both the J200's at the bottom of this staircase at Graceland:




Here is Sir Paul holding the "batwing" J200 at Graceland:



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Thanks Lars.



I have seen it before but what better way to top it off than to be currently reading Elvis Cole the detective novel (The Wanted)!


Elvis>Elvis>Elvis. Cool.



Now back 10 years or more, I got dragged to Elvis at a Day On The Green concert and honestly, I didn't really want to go because: A. I would be the designated driver at a concert at a winery for F's Sake. B. I wouldn't be able to drink the local wines. C. I would have to stay sober.... :rolleyes:


There were some great acoustic solo guitarist singers on the bill bearing their soul that thousands of people talked over. Sound of the PA was absolute top notch.


Surprise of the night was that Elvis C. is a great LEAD guitarist with a superb electric guitar sound! I didn't know that before that night, assumed wrongly that he would be one of the singer songwriter mimer strum types but no - he let us have it.





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