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Home Depot...The next Guitar Center?


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Sounds real good. This guy has the slide technique down good. All these hybrid 3-4-string instruments are a lot of fun and pretty easy to play. Gourd banjo, shovel guitars, gasoline can guitars and mandolins all in 3-4 string versions. Bangjiars, and many other mixtures.. All kinds of almost unheard of instruments being made. Although I suspect a great many of them were around decades ago in rural areas. ........Regarding GC---Sadly, nowadays, someone at Home Depot likely knows more about the wood used for guitars than the teenyboppers now employed by GC. Not every teenybopper is a "teenybopper." Some teens are very mature for their age and take their jobs seriously. Problem is that GC doesn't hire very many of them. I don't like knocking GC. Done business with them for years and was very satisfied, but the last several years have shown a definite decline. Everything changes, including us and GC.

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