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I hate photoflame, poor finish

Revolution Six

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What's "nedium wood?"


I'm not a fan of photoflame finishes, myself. But to answer your question, well, because that guitar retails at the moment (having looked at the Sweetwater site) at $419. Somehow, the manufacturer, when building to that price point, has to limit construction costs to an extent that when the guitar is sold, manufacturer, retailer, shipper(s), and customer all walk away with smiles on their faces. If you want the truly authentic look of the finished wood, just buy a Gibson SG Standard '61 - after all, it's what the Epi G400 is basically emulating (for a quarter of the price, of course).


There's nothing wrong with the tonewood in G400s. So buy an ebony one, instead, if you don't like the faux-flame of the cherry one.

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(shrug). Some people want a shiny, new guitar. Which is just as well - otherwise used guitar prices would skyrocket and Gibbyphone would be out of business.


Having owned a G400 in the past, I'd say they perform far above their price point. Whoever buys one is still getting a good guitar for the money. And a used Gibson SG would have to be a lower-end model, and likely pretty beat up, to get close to the retail price of a new G400.


Different people want different things. I'm currently throwing money in a jar for my first, new Gibson in a very long time. Principally because I want a Firebird, and Epiphone don't make a decent Firebird (OK, there's the Bonamassa, but those go for high prices and are a take on the Firebird I and I want two pick-ups - and the Slash one is just too "rock" for me, and also quite expensive for an Epiphone).


I want a bloody proper Firebird like Brian Jones played, which means tossing a bit more money in the jar and buying a Gibson. Also, I hope it will be with me for the rest of my life, so I'll save up and get the one I want.


For someone on a budget with an SG craving, though - nothing much wrong with a G400.

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Here ya go everyone ---


Any time Revolution Six (or any other trolls, for that matter) posts one of his inane comments designed to provoke a response, you can just post this in response. Does no harm, and makes you feel better! Try it!



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