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Gibson J200 1970’s label!?


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5 minutes ago, ksdaddy said:

I can only comment on the two photos you posted, but they both look typical of the 70s.  I've never seen a 70s label with the model number hand written but I see no reason to suspect it as being fake.

Okay thanks I’ve just posted more photos 

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According to the serial number and the Made in USA on the back of the head stock it's a 1974 or 75

ksdaddy is correct it should have a Dove style bridge  and the label should be printed.


The pick guard looks like a Alvarez J 200 Copy from the 70's

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The pickguard does look  looks like it came right off of a 1970s Alvarez  knock off.  While I am far from an expert on 1970s Gibsons I am guessing the guitar would have an open book headstock.   Also, was Gibson still slapping  those floating braces screwed right into the center of the X brace in the mid-1970s?  Even if it has been removed (which was easy enough to do) if it had been there there will be a screw hole.

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Check the inside of the top , See if its double braced.   The thing that throws off that top is the bridge.  A 4 pearl at that.  Those early 70s were pearled flat solid moustache bridges or bat winged.   

the headstock is a give away of being over sprayed as well.    The label is a after thought.   

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