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Southern Jumbo 1942


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I doubt if there are many or any out there available for immediate purchase. They have been pre-ordered through dealers, and a number of people here have done that, with estimates of 3-4 month delivery, I believe.  The was before the stuff hit the fan, of course, so who knows what it might be now?

Does anyone know if Gibson Bozeman is actually building guitars right now? Music Villa is the dealer closest to the Gibson plant.

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Bozeman and all other Gibson factories are closed.


My Sheryl Crow Country Western came into favorite shop last week (after more than 6 months) only to be informed that they accidentally put a Strap  button on it (I specified no  electronics or no strap button because I never play out) , They told me I would receive a new one which they would begin building right after Bozeman opened it doors (no ETA was given )






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As I vintage Gibson collector (curmudgeon?), (two early 43 SJs (one RW) and an early 43 J-45; 36 AJ; 35 Jumbo; 36 Trojan/J-35; 35 RSRG; 36 RSRD), I am often in a position to compare these new models to the old.  To me it is interesting -- not good or bad.

First, for many years the model was the Southerner Jumbo -- not the Southern Jumbo.  Also, only three SJs have been identified from 1942 -- two RW and one RW/mahogany combination, all with white logos and not banner logos. 

I know no one really cares, but it keeps me a amused.  What else is there to do in isolation.

Be safe guys,


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