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      In 1971 a friend of mine sold me a Gibson LG0. At the time I was playing Country music on an old Harmony Sovereign which was the best guitar I'd ever owned at the time (I was broke). When I got the LG0 I played it off and on for a while but opted for an Ovation in the 80s. In the early 90s for whatever reason (I think the music was changing and I didnt want to change with it) I just quit playing.

      Then 2002 rolled around and I was in Asheville NC. I heard a couple of ole boys picking out a few bluegrass tunes and I was hooked instantly! Over the next  17 or 18 I've bought and played 7 Martin Dreadnaughts and played the fire out of all of them. I still have all but one and I still have the 63' Gibson LG0 (Just can't seem to let them go).

       Last summer I got the opportunity to go to Summer NAMM in Nashville.  While I was there the Gibson Acoustic Guitars made in Montana caught my eye. Gibson's presence at NAMM couldn't go unnoticed and their acoustic line really stood out. It may have been their way of saying "We're Back". At-any-rate I sat down and strummed a few and when I got to the J45 Studio I was really blown away. It was a beautiful Walnut Burst. The workmanship was superb and the tone and playability were... well,  just special.  I loved the ergonomics; it felt great and wasn't overpowering like a Dread can be.  What you get for the cost is simply unbelievable. From that moment on I was hooked ; again.

       I bought a J45 Studio Walnut Burst this morning and .... well I'll have more to say about that later I'm sure.

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