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Smashed or Sober?


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Yo' date=' EVH, how do you survive playing an SG with out a Floyd Rose or do you own a Fender as well?[/quote']


Steve Morse says Floyds are for girls........


Just sayin'......





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I gig bars 45/50 weekends a year. And I have for decades.


I like beer' date=' but I HAVE to drive home.


Here's my plan........


I weigh about 205 pounds.


If "SHOWTIME" is 9:00 pm. I have to be there at about 7:00pm.


At about 8:00pm I'll get a beer. My Boogie is ready, I'm hooking cords, the Sound guys are doing whatever they do, I'm kidding, it's Butch.....


I drink 3 (three) beers before showtime. I have a beer on my Boogie. It's in the Avatar.


After the first set, I'll get 2 more beers. One goes on the amp. I drink the other during the break.


At the end of the second set, I get 2 more. One goes on the amp. The other I drink, during the break.


At this point, I'm done.


I drink Cokes the rest of the night.


I can do the load out, drive home legal, ect.


I can drink 7 beers in 7/8 hours legally, be sober, and not hit on anybodys wife.


It's simple math.




Nice deduction, what kinda of boogie do you play?

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i guess it has to with the style, more complex things cannot be performed well if you r too stoned, unless your really good and not excessively high hehe, personally i might have more fun stoned but technically is not a good idea

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Nice deduction' date=' what kinda of boogie do you play? [/quote']


It's a Blue Angel 1;12 combo sitting on an XCASEWAREHOUSE road case with an SM58 on it, and a beer and a Boss Tuner.


It's my Avatar.


It's a tone monster with no BS.



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My playing is terrible to start with. God only knows what the neighbours think when I have a few beers and turn the gain all the way up. Not that I care what they think. They are antisocial enough to let their dog **** all over my lawn so I consider my late night practices to be Kharmic revenge.


I do find that being "a little bit tipsy" does tend to lead to an urge to practice and I do so need to practice so it can't be all bad.

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Back in the olden days when I was playing 60s rock in the 60s... and 60s-70s country in the 70s...


and even older Blues at home...


A lot of blackberry brandy was consumed but literally in medicinal doses (sometimes even gargling and spitting) because of pain in the throat from screaming. Realemon was pretty popular too. Another one was the way Terpin Hydrate (spelling?) was in those days with a bit of codeine in it. Good for the throat, but then... yah hadda be careful. I never thought being anesthetized was a healthy way to play...


The first band I played with that really got to making money enough to buy new gear <grin>, the other guys started doing "real" drugs. Since I was working where I couldn't, I noticed that their musical style, personal habits and everything else started changing. They didn't really notice or particularly care. Obviously my time with them was at an end and all five of us knew it. Of 10 of us in two bands, I think about half now are dead a wee bit prematurely. Not taking care of the bods probably didn't help much.


In the second band I did quite a bit with, I managed to encourage the more "rural" guys to keep the booze at a low level. It wasn't a very good outfit but we actually made more money. Hmmmmm.


In the mid 70s I played with a cupla guys maybe 10-12 years older than me. They already were sufficiently pickled that it didn't seem to make much difference whether they had too much or no booze at all.


(In another 70s band I ended up quitting 'cuz I was scared of one of the guys' wife. If she had a bit more than she should and got angry at him, one literally might find bullets flying and she wasn't really that good a shot. Nope. No thanks.)


Me? After hearing some of my "woe is me" Delta-ish blues on a home recording after more Scotch than I should have had, I drank lots and lots of orange juice on gigs, which usually is pretty good in most saloons, and ditto coffee in such saloons as had a coffee pot running.


After the gig? If somebody else was driving, I'd let go a bit. Someday I'll tell the tale of such a ride home with girlfriend and ex girlfriend <grin> but... naaaah.

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Generally about 10-15 rye & cokes throughout a given 4-hour jam or gig is relaxing enough. A big fatty before the show is a must and then another one during the break if everyone else is partying, but in that case I like to even it out with some heroin so I'm not too paranoid, takes the edge off. For creative songwriting nothing beats peyote or ecuadorian shrooms but this isn't so good for performances.

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