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NGD- J-45 Studio “Southern” Style


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Received my J-45 studio from Music Villa yesterday and am absolutely loving it so far.I wasn’t so sure about the thin body at first but it really is a lot easier to wrap around. It immediately felt comfy on the couch. Despite the thin body it still retains the Gibson sound and MOST of the bass/thump. I have it strung with mediums. F42C82B6-DA2C-40E9-B23F-C35E36A505AC.thumb.jpeg.80a5f6ba72b2fe6435dfd9bda97b92bd.jpegThe split parallelograms really make this guitar pretty unique(at least until they make a big run of them). I’m thinking of swapping the guard to a 60’s batwing style from Holter. 

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Interesting  though that Old School wisdom went the opposite direction and equated a deeper body with better sound - the Nick Lucas, Roy Smeck even the WM-00.  Then you throw in the arched /domed back flattops like the  Gibson Gospel.   Others such as Kay Kraft  went the same way with body depth while Epiphone and Guild  adopted arched backs.  It all seemed to revolve around pushing out as much air as possible.

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That is a nice looking guitar, agree the split parallelograms dress it up a lot.  If I'm not mistaken I think the studios are walnut back and sides.  Walnut has a nice deep tone and that probably helps to compensate for the thinner body.  Congrats and enjoy 👍 

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