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Oasis tone


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Looks like a nice guitar - should get pretty close to what you want BUT I haven't heard or played one.

If you repost this query in the Forum section "Epiphone Electrics" you might get a better answer!

Best wishes. 🎸

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Hi Henry and welcome to the forum,

I don't have personal experience of this guitar but I can't imagine that you'd have any problems achieving the Oasis sound, however I think your choice of amplifier may have a bigger impact on it than the guitar.    

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The uptown will probably do the job- the first two albums were mostly noel on an epi les paul and his MIJ 80s riviera. he pretty quickly moved up into gibson LPs at that same time (famously damaging a 1960 given to him by Johnny Marr) and eventually to the 355 and USA sheraton. I wouldn't say he has all that unique a sound- any humbucker solid body or semi-hollow along with a marshall and a tubescreamer should do the trick. his use of the tape echo is probably the most unique thing. I'd say the best thing you can do would be to do as the band themselves did- don't overthink it.

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