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Your favorite guitarist ever!!!


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Depends on which genre we're talking, I suppose. The first guitar player that really stuck out for me was Slash, but when they (GNR) came on the scene I was more into the whole songs than just the guitar parts, plus I wasn't playing yet. I still love their old stuff, and I don't care how popular/"mainstream" Slash became - to this day, I think he's truly one of a kind. Love his playing. And whenever I see him come up and jam with different artists, I always go, man, how good was that? I think he truly deserves his iconic status.


I guess Iron Maiden made me want to pick up a guitar. Dave Murray was always that rare beast who could play fluidly, super fast, and still have lots and lots of melody in there.


Getting into thrash and metal, you couldn't escape Dave Mustaine - he wouldn't let you, for one! Songwriting-wise, I haven't liked his stuff for years, but he's still what he always was - surgically precise. He's so exact, it's intimidating. And he at least used to write some WILDLY inventive riffs, utilising the entire guitar and not just chugging on the E string.


I loved what Bill Steer and Mike Amott did in Carcass.


Pink Floyd - what can you say? Knopfler - same.


Andy from King Diamond - great melodies for a fast player.


Chuck from Death was waaay underrated, and a sad loss indeed.


Mille Petrozza from Kreator. What he did on "Extreme aggression" is not easy to duplicate. Very precise for such velocity.


Pelle from Watain. Great black metal riffs. Jon from Dissection, Set from Dissection/Watain. Omega /ex-Ghost, now in MCC.


And, of course, Hendrix.


Marty Friedman? Him too.


Wurzel from Motorhead.


John 5, whose playing (outside of the minimalist stuff he did with Manson) I haven't really heard all that much of, but what I've heard is impressive. And that guy lives and breathes guitar, which is super inspiring.


The guy from Dead Moon.


Mick Ronson.


Keith Richards.


Malcolm Young.


Chris Poland.


It's cool to see Nita Strauss have her hard work pay off lately, too.


The list goes on...

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Tried as I might, with so many genres of Guitar players, I could not come up with only one player, so.......

I rationalized a minute and narrowed it to this:

Classic Metal - Mathias Jabbs

Classic Rock - Joe Walsh

Classic Hard Rock - Tom Sholtz

Classic Solid Rock - Eric Clapton

Classic Prog Rock - Jeff Beck

Prog Solid Rock - Alex Lifeson

Contemporary Hard Rock - Eddie Van Halen

Acoustic Contemporary - Tommy Emmanuel

Acoustic Prog Hard to Listen to - Robert Fripp

Acoustic Prog Easy to Listen to - Al DiMiola

Electric Contemporary - Carlos Santana

Electric Prog Hard to Listen to - Steve Vai

Electric Prog Easy to Listen to - Joe Satriani

(ALMOST) Anything Country - Roy Clark

Contemporary Country-Rock - John Gray

Prog Metal - Paul Gilbert

Heavy Metal Lead - "Dime" Darrell Abbott

Heavy Metal Rhythm - Scott Ian

Skater Metal - Rocky George

Neo-Classical - Yngwie Malmsteen

Chameleon - Zakk Wylde

Unknown but Signed - Denny Mishler

OK! and now...

Honorable mentions- XXXXXXX (THAT was close!)


I kill me!!

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