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Les Paul Standard vs Les Paul GT (P90 pickup) vs ES 335

LB.CB 909

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Hello guys!

This will be my first question posted here! Im currently in the market for a versatile guitar worth my investment and I decided to go with a Gibson model and as it happens I have an option for three models stated above (and also a 339 at a cheaper price) and they are roughly the same price more or less ( with ES 335 being slightly more costly) where I’ve received some offers. So I was wondering given the given options which would you recommend more? More specifically in relation to capturing the tone of the classical fusion and psychedelic rock sounds. But really I’d just wanted to know which one will be a better investment, musicality wise,in the long run.

Thank you so much for your help.

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I would have to go with the ES335 given those choices.. What Pickups? The LP Gold Top with P90’s a very very close 2nd. Either will hold their value over time as they are extremely great Guitars & arguably they most preferred as they are so versatile....

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I think it depends on how you perceive the sound of each of them.  Are you able to play them before purchase?  They will all sound different.  The LP Standard will give you probably the most classic LP sound, the one with P90s will be different from that (some people like P90s a lot, I don't care for them) and the 335 will have an airier sound due to it's semi-hollow construction.  They are all great guitars, so I think you really need to play them to find that one that best suits what your are looking for.  But for what it's worth I'd go with the LP Standard.

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On 4/10/2021 at 5:21 PM, LB.CB 909 said:


which one will be a better investment, musicality wise,in the long run.


If by 'investment' you mean 'choice', I get it. If you don't, I don't get it.


In practical terms, it doesn't matter that much. Put it this way; if you had a Standard, GT, 339 and a 335 in front of you. You would play them all and probably choose the one that sounded best and felt best to you. That would inform the decision. They are all good.

All things being equal (they never are), I would choose a 335 for the studio, but to gig with, go for a Standard. 

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