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J-2000 Mystic Rosewood, what do you think

Peter Z

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Not sure about the mystic models. However I do have the early ones from the 90s Rosewood, Brazilian custom shop, and a blister maple employee guitar.     They are very Nice.     Also not that it matters.  Some had the leafs on the bridge pointing down as others have those pointing up.     These were also a Ren Designed guitar.   
There was also a J1500 and J1000 model in 1992.  Those are very limited. 

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43 minutes ago, Dave F said:

I just looked up the J2000 and it states it's the J180  body so it should be 16" wide. If I recall correctly, the J180 is a thinner version of the J185, or used  to be.

Yes. 16” wide body.   I played a few while I visited Bozeman  back in the earlier years. I never recalled playing a bad one.   When my Brazilian was being done.   John Walker was in the works of doing a seafoam Green one.   I remember him doing alot of samples to get the color right for the clients order.    

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I’ve got a J200 Mystic Rosewood and a Southern Jumbo Mystic Rosewood.   I’ve never heard of the 2000 series and don’t know what it brings to the party that other Gibsons don’t.  I have no doubt that they’re likely sweet guitars.  My guitars are sweet guitars, very-easy-to-play, and they sound good.  I bought them because I wanted them and could afford them.   I have no idea if what’s called mystic rosewood has any difference in sound from rosewood.  It doesn’t matter to me either way.  If I like the guitar, I just like it.  I’ve certainly bought my share of guitars based on brand and the trappings that come with particular models, but I don’t understand what makes a J2000, etc. different or more costly.  I’m certainly not critiquing someone’s reasons for wanting one——those reasons also apply to me.

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