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1957 Fake or Legit???


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I also recently bought in Japan Gibson Les Paul.  According to the seller - this guitar was made in 1989 and is Reissue of 1957, but I'm not sure about that.

Could anyone help with identifying the guitar? The tuners are changed, but the official support Gibson says that the guitar is original.

Perhaps this is a special order from a Japanese store ...




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Does it have a long neck tenon?  Is the neck like a baseball bat?  Strange to see binding on the headstock...  What tool would you use to adjust the truss rod...  Things like this will help you determine for yourself if this is first of all, legit, and if it has historic specs.  I'm not the guru on all of this, but I do own a R7 GT and R7 Black Beauty Custom. 

The S/N seems to say R7...  And looking at the back of the headstock, I can sort of make out what I would say is Gibson construction.  Also, the knobs are something that remind me more of 60s.  But that S/N given this IS a legit Gibson indicates something to do with R7.  Perhaps a custom order like M2M we have today... 

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