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Anybody Have a Custom Shop J-45 Flamed Maple?


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I'm waiting for delivery of mine. Should get it next week around the 27th/28th.  There were only a total of 65 of them made for 2015 ... I had to have it so I bid, and won it on fleabay. My other J45 Red Spruce/Mahogany banner model was feeling lonely so me hads to get him this girl.

Online demos are limited to only 2 or 3 and besides, you simply CAN'T believe the folks doing the demos. They are 99% always processed. So .... I come to you seeking one of you lucky ones who may also have one of these for your opinion on the tonal qualities.

My ADI top J, in all my playing decades (over half a hundred years) is the best sounding acoustic I've ever heard in my life! From what I've heard, the maple body'd one is a remarkable difference in tonal quality and that, is what I seek (more like a Martin D-28) to combine with my duo guitar recordings.
Here is a link to one of the two demos I could find (definitely highly processed):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3Yk4so7iKI

To complete my arsenal, as soon as this Flamed maple one is paid off, I will be getting a standard J45 with Sitka/Mahogany.  I will post pics when she arrives.


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I have a Custom Shop maple AJ. A maple slope dread is a joy, I absolutely adore mine. The clarity and power is astonishing. I bought my AJ because I played a Maple J45 back in 2008 and fell in love with it…the AJ was the closest thing I could find ten years later, as the maple J45 was out of production at the time.

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Thanks folks for your replies.  Well ... I've had her now for 8 days and she is 101% a keeper. So different tonally from my J-45 TV Adi ... that's what I was hoping for. This J, is an extraordinarily  powerful guitar - it really will kill fascists. I am VERY pleased with this acquisition and I thank Buck for selling it to me!

My guitar gods were guiding me to a D-28 for that aggresive, punchy pickin' tone ... no longer will I pursue it - what do they know anyway??.  The flamed maple J-45 is truly a parallel by Gibson to Martins' D-28. I am done now except maybe for Guilds'  ridiculously over-priced 12 string ($5,000+) . We'll see.

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