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Do you ever get tired of the cable news networks posting that headline. Jesus H. Christ they do it no less then half a dozen times every morning while I watch the news. It's ludicrous to think that every story is BREAKING NEWS. Since taking note of this phenomenon a couple weeks ago I have yet to see anything that would have really been considered BREAKING NEWS. Now if I had been watching while the earthquake in Italy had occurred then that would have been BREAKING NEWS, not the next day. The updates are simply news.


Drives me nuts.

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Watching NBC nightly news yesterday, I was informed that an ice flow broke off. We're all gonna die. Ever notice when a disaster or some tragedy like a school shooting happens, the newscast will have a logo on the screen for that certain tragedy?

So a fair amount of marketing goes into reporting tragedys. Sappy music, somber tones, waiting for the holy grail of media, the slow zoom in shot of somebody crying. Cha Ching!

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There is only one solution. Turn the stupid thing off.


I haven't watched TV since the mid 1980s, and in that time instead of watching TV I:


[*]learned how to play wind syntheizer


[*]learned how to play lead guitar,


[*]learned how to create backing tracks for my duo by learning how to use a software MIDI sequencer, record audio from my synth modules, make mp3 files and use them on stage See my backing tracks page


[*]learned how to make styles for Band-in-a-Box,


[*]learned how to run a business (aftermarket styles for Band-in-a-Box),


[*]learned how to create websites (http://www.nortonmusic.com and http://www.s-cats.com),


[*]learned a number of songs for my duo, The Sophisticats


[*]spent a lot of quality time with my wife/lover/best-friend/band-mate,


[*]visited friends


[*]read a few books


(in no particular order).

Television is a sales medium disguised as an entertainment media.


TV news is simply sensationalism and yellow journalism. Do you really need to know that a bus with 300 children aboard drove off a cliff halfway around the world from you? Do you need your heartstrings pulled? Is it going to change your life any? Do you actually believe the news when huge corporations with agendas own and operate the stations and dictate what passes as news?


TV is the biggest drug addiction in the US. The average family spends 6 hours per day in front of the tube. They get withdrawal symptoms if they turn it off "cold turkey". They cannot distinguish the fiction on the TV from reality (ask any star who plays a villain on TV, even though he/she is not that character, they get hate mail, threats, and verbal abuse as if they were the villain). The drug has to keep getting stronger and stronger, hence "breaking news", and shows that have gone from "Father Knows Best" to soft-core pornography.


TV is the biggest reason why the live entertainment is sparser, harder to find, and less profitable than it used to be. My mother-in-law was telling me that in the days of black and white TV with tinny speakers they had to go to a night club or dance hall to hear good music and see it performed. Now we have wide screen HD TVs that cost over $1,000.00 with surround sound and a cable or other subscription service that can cost well over $100.00 per month. That pretty much blows your entertainment budget.


Plus when watching TV instead of living your life in person, you are living your life vicariously by watching actors pretend to do things.


There is only one answer. Turn it off.


Insights, incites and a little rant by Notes

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I was complaining about the very same thing this morning before going to work! The N. Korean missle launch is NOT breaking news!


Notes- Awhile back an old man died here in Tulsa & his obit said he was a 'professional hockey player' here in Tulsa back in the '30s. My nephew looked at me & said 'how in the hell could Tulsa support professional hockey in the '30s'? to which I replied 'there were lots of things like that around here BEFORE TV'. Heck, there used to be a time when every town big enough to list 10 men had their own baseball team.

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