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I've been looking for a round neck for a bit. Got some projects coming up that sorta require one, but didn't want to drop 3/4 K on a guitar that might end up being used "occasionally."

24.25" scale, heavy as a tank, but pretty cool for the money and sounds and plays great. I'll get a video up after I spend some time with it.



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Thanks, gents.

Damn, Bk, yours is pretty.

I searched Reverb and ebay for weeks looking for a local one I could put my hands on because I'd played a few I did not like the sound of, for what I need. The Gretsch boxcar is LOVED all over the internet FOR THE MONEY, I mean you can buy them new all day for $400, but the ones I played didn't sound like the sound in my head. One problem is I already own the square neck Fender I used on the last video, and the Dummitt/Malone project.

The square neck is clean and proper (if you will) and that's not what I wanted in a round neck. I wanted the round neck to growl and be far less refined, and a metal body seemed to fit that.

Now I need to spend some serious time with it.

Thanks again!

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