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Help Identifying this Gibson Custom Shop 1964 ES-335


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Hi All,

I have been seeing these Gibson Custom Shop 1964 Reissue ES-335 with Gold Grover tuners kicking around and would like to get more info on it if possible.  

Was it for release only for the Japanese market?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  

Side note: Would it be possible to swap out the Grovers for Klusons? 


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Not sure but... Gold Grovers with chrome/nickel pickup covers? A 355 would have all gold and a '64 335 would have all nickel.I've never seen Gibson do a reissue with mismatched hardware plating. Klusons have a different hole pattern than Grovers so new screw holes would  need to be drilled in order to fasten the Klusons. I have a real 1969 ES-335 that had Grovers installed sometime in the past. When I bought it it came with Klusons but you can still see the holes for the Grovers in the back of the headstock. Looks to me like one of the bait and switch Japanese dealers that were around a few years ago. Beware!

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On 4/21/2023 at 4:06 PM, jdgm said:

I think the guitar in the 1st post does not have gold tuners or hardware but the photo has been processed with filters that make it confusing.


They do - I have seen a few in person throughout Tokyo. 


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