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Hummingbird pickguards 25 cents each


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I have 3 Hummingbird pickguards I acquired from a friend in Bozeman a few years ago. I don’t know why, I’ve never found  a bird I bonded with. But, time to tidy up the guitar room. So, if you’re interested I’m willing to part with these for 25 cents each. No haggling, don’t bother low-balling me… I know what I got.  One is a flubber guard, one I believe is off some custom shop build, and one is the original painted sort - still has the backing on it. 

I’ll never use these, so if you’re seriously interested- shoot me a message, and we’ll connect.   And yes, the price is firm at 25 cents each. 


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Dude.  you're gonna crash this site with an offer like that.  Sorry you've never found an H'bird you felt was a keeper.  I've got a TV that is.       I wouldn't give up on them - if you stumble across one hanging on the wall in a pawn shop -  strum a couple of chords.  And.... Check out the dusty old case and see if your name is on it !   

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5 hours ago, sbpark said:

I'll take them! 

Fine. Those HB pickguards are gold to us Birdists. Dan's goodhearted nature has always impressed over the years. Now- SB- use it for good, not evil. ☺️.

Dan- smiling fierce, once again. 👍.

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Guess it’s too late but, I inherited my Dad’s HB that he absolutely treasured and this bird has flown. I have thought about trying to replace the pick guard but finally decided nah, this is his imprint on this guitar and that is how it will stay. Great, sweat sounding guitar by the way.

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