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Since we need more posts anyway.......

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I had posted this in the SG section and the Epiphone section prior to the big crash of 2009.....


Seeing as how it had only been a day or so, I didn't get a chance to show my acoustic friends my newest aquisition properly.......


Here it is!!! (I realize it isn't acoustic, but it sure will be fun when I start my "Rock Camp for Dads" classes next month!









And the best part is..... It didn't cost an arm and a leg! Because.......................







The guy I got it from customized everything on it... I really like the way it sounds and my daughter likes the way it looks so were all good!

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Well... since she is my daughter, I must say that I hope she looks better than that! =P~


She already has the "Rock Face" down as evidenced in this photo I took a few years ago playing my old Ibanez Maxxas MX3 (Damn, I wish I still had that one!)




But even though I think she will be much more of a rock star than me, she still has time for what we acoustic players know as "Noodeling"



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