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I'm glad you're happy with the new axe!


Personally, that's just a little too much of that color with the maple fretboard. I'd like ebony or rosewood. But that's just me.


Really it comes down to sound and feel. I don't really even look at my guitar when I play. I do look at it when I'm not playing it though.


Anyways how does it sound/ feel?

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The neck feels a little diff than the G-400 epi SG I have but the width measures the same. Think that is based on a 62 SG.

I should prolly get a setup on it, the fret ends are a lot more noticeable feel wise than my other guitar, not bad just new.

Darn it's like 3:15 in the morning guess I should sleep since I can't get away with playing anymore, oh and got work in the morning.

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I think you posted a pic instead of a sound link, or is it on here somewhere else ?


Here is a sound click link of my G-400 compared to the Raw Power. G-400 vs Raw Power

I start with the epi for 15 seconds and switch back and forth.

There is a difference but you can't tell from this. Also the epi has the alnico v's

uncovered and an extra 1/2 inch of oak on the guitar boddies back.

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Just saying you would get more clarity out of your guitars if you back off the gain and ear candy. (IMO)


Yeah I agree could back it off some. My comparison is thru a digitech sp to

the computer and the input level is higher than it should have been

I like the sound you have there on the LP, SG too. What pups are in your LP ?

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