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This guy wants 750 bucks for Jimmy Pages pick....


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I have some unpublished photos of Zeppelin I took when I was a teenager at a Zeppelin concert in the Boston Garden.... I got some killer shots of Page with his double neck. Some 30 years or so later I saw Page and Plant perform in Madrid and I brought my old photos along. After the show I went back stage to see if I could get Page and Plant to sign the photos. I wasn't able to talk my way back stage to see them but the guy I talked to at the door brought the photos to their dressing room. I waited what seemed to be forever and started wondering if the guy made off with my photos but low and behold he did return with the photos.... Page signed every photo he was in!!! Plant didn't sign any... :-( Maybe he wasn't in the dressing room at the time, who knows.


If an unconfirmed pick of Page sells for $750 maybe I can retire early if one day I decide to sell a couple of them....

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