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Les Paul copy that I cannot ID


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For all you Les Paul experts, I was wondering if I could get help ID my LP copy. It may have been hand built but I have no idea. I bought it for $30 at an estate sale (they were asking $60 but I pointed out that it was not playable as it was and needed all new parts). So it has been brought back to life. There were actually cob webs in the control cavity and one of the pups was not connected....it was a mess. Any way, it has the open book headstock, set neck, and a body contour. I have never seen that combo in Ibanez, Aria, Cort, or any other LP copy. There is no logo. It looks like it was scratched off and painted over. The back of the headstock was actually burned a bit. There is no serial number but I was hoping the explanation might help. Any way here are some pix.












Note that the only original parts on the guitar are the TRC, the pup selector and the harmonica style bridge. Now has Sperzels, chrome pup rings, EMG 81/60, chrome knobs. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hondo maybe?


All the Hondos I have ever seen did not have same Gibson style headstock. It is a strange combination. I have seen lots of imitations that match 2 of the 3 I listed


1. open book headstock

2. set neck

3. back body contour.


I think Hondo only had bolt on necks and a different headstock.


I'll post some more pix or the headstock and the control cavity.

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Ibanez les pauls Had the rear body contour and all pre=1975 had no Serial numbers.


Yours has the Aria Style Bridge but that could of been changed out.


So now I'm Thinking Ibanez Custom copy that was refinished and alot of things changed Around.


Check the back of the pickups to See if the have the USA Style Braided Wire and if they are Stamped


Super 70's and in the Control cavities if they got green small caps.

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Wrong there Mojo. Ibanez Lawsuit models came with Set necks and Bolt-ons and up until


mid 1975 they were Exact Copies with no Serial numbers.


In 1976 they started with their own headstock Styles






You Need to go to this Site. It's Called "Ibanez Collectors World"


and Post Photos there. Those guys will get to the bottom of your guitar.

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The Ibanez LPs that had the Gibson style headstock were bolt on necks. The ones that were set neck had an head stock designed by Ibanez. Maybe it is a one off somebody made:-s

Thats what im saying ive never seen a les paul like this, it has to be homemade. Also if its an ibanez i dont think its all orginal.

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