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gibson crest??

mr newhaven

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Probably because only 162 were made over four years. I bet a few were converted to standard ES-335s' date=' as well.[/quote']


162! That's a wonderfully exact number, pohatu!


Where did you find out about it? I'd like to know more about them too!


The only reference I could find stated that - and I post the quote in full(!) "The Crest. Produced only in 1970 and in Rosewood. Very rare." (photo)


That's it. No dimensions, nada.


Bear in mind that my ref. book has been wrong as often as it's been right so I'm sure your 4-year production is correct. My book also dates from 1976 so there was perhaps a limited run in the interim.


A curio, certainly.

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i found a site...that has one no less!!!


$6500 though...is it worth it?

im sure that it is the second it arrives via fedex to your front door!

but do i feel like selling HALF of my gear to get it??


not yet...


i guess i just have to wait and see...

it is all brazilian rosewood laminate except the neck...honduran mahogany...

let me find the site...




one day!

one day i swear it!


i had dreams of a custom shop strat done in an oil finish...but this just bumped it off my list!

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