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A cat or a ca..................meleon?


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You take a small kitten, place him in a bowl, feed regularly (including but not limited to bits of your own skin where he's thrashed you for bringing him in too early) give plenty of lap time and scritching...





...and you keep doing what you do for 5 years and here's what you get: (attitude included)



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The cat resident in this house had a tail severely damaged, apparently by a coyote, as a kitten and that resulted in it making its way here with no tail at all.


It has learned the lesson, however, that my sanctum sanctorum where the guitars and computer reside are off limits.



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She liked it... she's just a puke machine :-&


If you feed your cat a gob of vaseline, they won't puke hairballs.

I was a veterenary technician so DON'T assume I'm being mean.

This was Dr Dolan's advice, and he was a very nice Veterinary Doc.

I've done it to MY kitties and it works ^^V

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