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heeelllp! how much do i sell my dearest SG for?


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hi, i'm wondering how much to sell this guitar for, i'm having a hard time figuring it out on the internet. i don't want to rip anyone off, or sell it for too cheap, since i have another guitar and need the money to buy an amp.

all i know is:

Gibson "I"

on the back of the headstock it says Made in USA

serial number 94008038

the finish is a bit scuffed up on the body and the volume knob is cracked





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Just keep it as a spare (and clean the damned thing up a bit).


Probably can't get enough for it in the USA to be worth selling.

12 years old, 24 frets is about all it has going for it, but it would be fine for a back-up guitar.




Where are you located?

If an SG is tough to find wherever you live you might have a little more luck.


In the USA, I'd say $500 would be optimistic - if you have the factory hard case.

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Actually, it's 16 years old.

In 1994, Gibson was celebrating their 100th anniversary so every serial number that year started with "94".

Using the regular numbering scheme, 94008*** would mean it was built the 400th day of 1998 (which would actually make it from february of '99).


Not a big deal, but it makes it a bit easier if anyone is looking for info on that particular model. Plus, it's now closer to the 20 year old/vintage category.

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