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Maven is such a good word! Welcome to the forums by the way!



an expert or connoisseur.

Also, mavin.


[Origin: 1960–65; < Yiddish < Heb: connoisseur]



But no, sorry, I can't help. I'm sure someone will though!

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Here's the back of the headstock of my mislabelled (Deluxe) 1975 Les Paul Standard. They are inscribed as "Kluson Deluxe". The '75 335 I once owned had the same tuners. This is as close to '78/79 as I can get you. I also think that during that era it had a lot to do with what they had on hand. If you can see the impression of a Kluson style baseplate on the headstock, they were probably this style. What differentiates these from the current (or vintage ones) is that the plastic buttons had two rings on the bottom of them instead of one.



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Grover website has a couple options for you.

I understand they are a direct replacement for many as you describe.


133 series http://www.grotro.com/Mainvintage.html

135 series with 14:1 ratio http://www.grotro.com/Mainvintage.html

136 series http://www.grotro.com/Mainvintage.html


They are made as well as anybody else, I've always had good luck with them.

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My 1970 ES-330 has Klusons similar to the picture LSLarry posted, the only difference is the plastic knob shape.


The previous owner of my Epiphone Casino (very similar guitar to the ES) replaced the Klusons with Grovers.


I can't say that I prefer the Grovers over the Klusons. They both seem to work well, and they both keep the guitar in tune as well as can be expected.


Rubbing a little pencil lead in the grooves of the nut when I change the strings helps more than anything else I've ever tried to assist tuning. It keeps the strings from binding in the nut. I've heard some people putting a tiny bit of oil on the saddle, I tried that once but didn't like it - and it doesn't seem necessary either (on my guitars).


I put a drop or two of liquid Teflon lubricant in the hole of the Klusons every 5 years or so, and that seems to be all it takes to keep them working smoothly.


So whichever tuner is on the ES-335s, I think they will work just fine.



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