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Not a big fan...


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of sports. Sorry.


I mean' date=' I'll watch the Superbowl, World Series, US Open, Olympics, etc. but in general I couldn't really care a less. Not one of those guys who's constantly up on every damn score. I'd rather get laid or play guitar. When I watch the news and they say, "up ahead in sports" I usually turn the channel. Is it a musician thing? When I was in high school there were the burnouts and the jocks.[/quote']


Football - high school and college games are better than NFL. HS and College players are in it to win, NFL players are in it to not get hurt.


Basketball - Stopped watching when the NBA all-star players were getting by with murder on the floor.


Hockey - boxing on ice.


Baseball - I always enjoy watching baseball at all levels. I don't make it a point to watch any particular MLB team, maybe one of The Series games, but I'd much rather watch baseball in person.


Baseball is going through some tough times with steroids and such. That ought to be banned for any and all sports. In my opinion, one strike and you're out of all pro sports games.


Baseball is unique in that there are 'rules' and there are 'rules'. There is a great article in, I think this last month's, Popular Mechanics about how rules in baseball have been bent or just plain broken in the past. Some of the stuff I've never heard of. One player was notorious for, after a rain delay, taking an extra base when he returned to the field. More often than not, he got by with it.


Back in the day, the rules makers were toying with the idea of 'reinstating' the spitter as a legal pitch. One grizzled manager quipped, "Reinstate? When did they quit throwing it."


A few years ago, i turned on a MLB game and noticed a not 'illegal' as such tactic used by the home team. It seemed the grounds crew had made a glaring gaff in allowing a large puddle of water / mud to accumulate between 1st and 2nd. I wondered what was up with that? "Yup, that Grounds Manager will get fired in the morning." The announcers thought it quite odd that a major league ball park would have such a glaring lax of grounds care. Until they realized... the visiting team had a notorious base stealer. The mud hole was right where that base stealer liked to stand when he was on first. Most likely the Home team's manager put in a request for the puddle.

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The only sport I "follow" is ice hockey, I was BORN a Canadiens fan.

I cried when "Rocket" Richard died and drove 600 miles to go to the funeral....[blush]


I do show my horse in dressage classes but, I don't know if I'd call that a "sport". My ex-boyfriend compared it to watching paint dry...he'd applaud when the horses would buck!

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