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ATTN GIBSON CR: Kudos, Suggestions and the Inevitable 50th Anniversary SG


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OK, so I'm in one of those quagmires where I want to praise a brand new 2010 '61 Reissue and what I consider to be an improvement (if in fact it is a CONSISTENT, across the board thing) which takes me back a decade to what I consider some of the best "reissues" Gibson offered, and an issue which can be solved one of two ways. Let me 'splain...


Ran across this 2010 USA (non Historic/CS) '61 Reissue, and was very amazed and pleased to see not only a tad more "red" in the CHERRY finish than in most I've seen over the last few years, but also a seemingly well-applied finish not plagued by "orange-peel" or wood-grain sink-in like recent years, but check out the bevels!




Check out how the bevel correctly lines the pickguard! Now, the top-horn bevel (and the top/bottom edge bevels) could be a tad deeper, but honestly, if this puppy had a Maestro on it I promise you, it'd already be on its way to Daddy.



Glad to see they're sticking with the period-correct tapered-tip horns too. This is the same profile they SHOULD be using on the Historics.



Good, huh??? Seriously, Gibson, just a tad more red dye, keep that mirror-smooth finish and those beautiful scarfings, toss a Maestro on it and let's have 'em. "Close enough" for even scrutinizing SG-disciples like myself to accept, as it best represents the iconic '64/'65 models, even better than your Custom Shop variant, as evidenced below.


Same dealer had this Historic VOS model. Alright, I've said it so many times I've lost count, but sorry guys, "VINTAGE ORIGINAL SPEC" should mean it looks like an original bought as-new in the respective year of representation. "Slighty aged", "patina'd", "hazed" or "just a tad oxidized" means "VINTAGE USED SPEC". Plus, till those bodies are shaped and scarfed/beveled right, it's not making me reach for the wallet. Here are some pics of the Historic:


Noticed the "washed" color, which, I'm sorry, I like red, not orange see-through finishes on SG's. Also note the slabby-looking top horn compared to the USA '61.



Another angle of the slabby horn profile:



Now you tell me, if you took this this Historic-style deeper beveling, and simply tweaked the horn profile to taper more at the tip like the USA '61 (and most REAL vintage ones), wouldn't that add a little more sleekness to the guitar, like its ancestors possessed? The first pic is obviously untouched, and the next one is a 30-second trim-down I did on my meager PC to show you what I mean (yeah, mine's a little rough, but that's what ya' get for time restraints and a shaky hand...you get the idea...lol):



So Gibson, in my humble opinion, could give myself, and admittedly many of my buds here a good "fix" by either A) making that USA '61 RI consistently like that one AND offering a Maestro option on it again, OR B) give that Historic an "as new" finish, shiny hardware and the USA '61-style accurate tapered-horn! Take advantage of variant-hogs and completists by offering a '61-'63 "Les Paul" variant, a '64 nickel-hardware variant and a '65 chrome-hardware model.


Easy as pie! Done. Shut me up and at the same time make me sing praises for Nashville again. [biggrin]


Hey, it's my birthday today, so I can rant all I want.



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... Hey' date=' it's my birthday today, so I can rant all I want. ...[/quote']


Happy B'day!




... The photoshopped one looks way better. ...




H-bomb - nice job on the taper. And the Maestro option would be killer.

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Thanks for the birthday wishes, fellas, it's much appreciated!


Yeah, that was a crude 'shopped photo, but even with a simple swipe of the mouse it's easy to see how much more authentic and cool it would be if they'd make that move. I mean, when I see Historics with Norlin-era fat-ended slabby horns, too-short lower horns, etc. it bums me out, because once you put a real '64 or '65 in your hands nothing else will even come close unless it resembles it at least passably. Simple fixes to make a decent guitar a killer one. [biggrin]


BTW, here's yet ANOTHER nice 2010 USA '61 RI (see, Gibson, it proves you CAN get these things closer to the "Real Deal" if you TRY!!!):



Alright, Gibson seems to be paying attention and putting a little more care into bringing back those "ideal" 2000-2001 reissues...again, slap a Maestro (and chrome hardware) on THESE with these nice contours/bevels and call 'em a '65 Reissue, done deal. [biggrin] Take the '61 RI's slightly more symmetrical outline & tapered horns, throw Historic bevels on it, give it the proper red mirror-gloss finish and a Maestro and you've just made a 100% more accurate "Historic" reissue. Of course, I say if you start tapering ALL SG horn-tips like the '61 Reissue it'd give them a lot more sleekness and sexiness. Try it and see. [cool]



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