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Happy New Guitar Day


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Well the day finally came and my new LP Custom arrived purchased of ebay........ it appeares to be spot on apart from a small blemish in the clear finish just behind the stop......thats what you get buying sight unseen, you cannot see it in the pis..but I know its there.


Set up was a dogs breakfast fret buzz, neck out , etc spent the first few hours adjusting, but the ation still not right so will have to spend some more time on it...it was supposed to be brand new but i'm not so sure, had the stickers on but that does not mean much.


Anyhow other than that it seems like a good guitar, this is my first LP and it plays and feels alot different than my SG so its gonna be fun getting used to it


Some Pics






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The tone is way different for me as my SG has Iommi pups and they have a good puch, but I like the sound of the LP like averyone says the tone has a more vintage feel....although if I really feel like thrashing out I think the SG is the way to go ;)

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Hey GothSloth' date='


A fellow Ipswichian....;) [/quote']


Small world aint' it. Just finishing up on the Gold Coast this week ... moving this Sat. My fiance and her fam live there, so next week I will be working and living there. Would like to catch up one day. Would love to see your LP, I'll try not to dribble on it lol. Cheers.

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Congrats on your LPC burst . Setup and customization is pretty much the norm

with these. I haven't stopped tinkering with mine since I got it last summer.

A great value and once setup with whatever p_ups, bridge and strings you like,

you can get a pretty nice tone from them. (I'm trying to get some

long sustain out of mine, right now).


It's amazing that after over 50 years of refinement on these, some still

prefer to tinker with them, especially on the new ones.

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Had a good 2 hour session on it last night and I'm thinking I'm gonna love this guitar...just feels so comfortable to play for long periods and it does't want to keep diving for the floor like my SG.


Once I get the set up right it should be awsome.


I agree with you guys I wasn't over keen on the gold hardware....didn't like it on the black, but it just kinda belongs on this guitar, I think the chrome would take away from it

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