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Where can i buy cream coloured tone and volume knobs?


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Cool cheers guys and a classic spelling mistake for me lol.


I wondered if fender ones would fit as they do the cream colour sort of a vintage white.


I'll have a litle look at these links.


Thanks again.


By the way i take it the knobs already on there just push on and pull off as there is no grub screw?


Really after the bell knobs in vintage white/cream to mach the pick guard. I asume thats its colour lol

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As the tittle says really. Wanna match my pick guard colour instead of the std ones. I live in th uk but will order from any country on web.


For a les paul std.




Finding it hard to source parts for epi's on the net


Just google for: guitar, parts, UK


A lot of the bigger US suppliers(Allparts, WD I think) are in the UK as well. Some even have free shipping in UK.


Just ask for metric parts that will fit your Epi.

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