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EVJ Head vs Combo

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well maybe this is a newbie question.

I'm planned to buy EVJ. And I decided to buy the head version coz it has 4, 8, 16 ohm output, it's a plus point since the combo only has 4 ohm output.

But later then I realized that the combo v3 also provided 4, 8, 16 ohm output. And now I'm wondering, what is the plus point in head version since both the head and the combo has 4, 8, 16 ohm output.

So my question is which one is better, the head or the combo? and which one should I buy?



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I just purchased both in the last month or so and frankly they are both excellent (the combo has 4,8, and 16 ohm outs also). The only real difference I can see is the combo breaks up a hair earlier and doesn't have the low end and volume you can get from the head/cab. If that really isn't an issue then the real question is your budget. If it's tight just get the combo and a few pedals. I'd be much happier with the combo and pedals then the head/cab without. Bottom line is though they are both great and with pedals they are better. Both of these amps love my POD XTL and the modeling it provides. My practice amp GAS has been completely cured if you can imagine that!

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That's it.. with the combo you get a speaker.

On the plus side

the combo is handy to carry with built in speaker..

only a couple of more pounds with another speaker cab..

the 16 ohm combo speaker can be plugged into the 8ohm amp jack WITH an 8ohm 12 plugged into the 40hm amp tap.

and it sounds really good.


so it seems to me that so long as you don't care about having the tyipical small head large cabinet look. the combo is really quite handy.

You get a very good 8" speaker and it's an amp self contained for carting around, practice at home at lower volume and only 30.00 more.

so a combo with a vj cab would be kick ***.

I like it a little bit better than two 12"ers!


the earlier breakup is the combos speaker. same with the low end. so the 12" is no doubt a better speaker for it as a single.


The combo on top of cab might be great at gigs, too.. low end is boosted, overall volume is boosted, *higher efficiency speaker*,

and the 8" on top as a monitor being higher up.



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Well what can I catch here, the combo is more handy & "better" than the head. All of you guys gave very positive comment about the combo. And it seems that all of you "prefer" the combo to the head.

umm..I feel a little bit regret here..I just received news from my father that he already bought the head version for me. My father is a sailor and he travels around the world. He buy the head in Sydney since they don't sell EVJ in my country (Indonesia). EVJ is quite expensive in Australia, almost twice from musicianfriends/zzsounds/guitarcenter/etc's price.

but anyway, I can't wait to see my father come home :) . He'll be back in the 28 April, two days before my birthday. And EVJ will be great present for my birthday whether it's a head or a combo :D/


Thanks for all your responses

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Its not really that the head is "better". They are exactly the same amp. With the Combo you're paying $20 extra for a speaker (US Prices). You still have the option of plugging the combo into a cab just like with the head. So the extra $20 is buying you the convenience of being able to just grab the combo and go in addition to plugging into a cab like you would with a head.

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I only have head's.. they look better to me but I'm not lugging things around to gig's and I have all the speaker choices I could want and not have an 8" just staring at me..


otherwise the same exact amp as stated..

Enjoy your new toy...


BTW... now you're going to have more "gas".. deciding what speaker or speakers you want to put on this little guy.. I have 4 different sets, pair of Jensen's made in 1963, pair of Crates from 2004, pair of vintage 30's from wearehouse guitar speakers and a pair of british lead80's from also from WGS.

All of them have a different voice, so it's not just about mod'ing the amp. =D>

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BTW... now you're going to have more "gas".. deciding what speaker or speakers you want to put on this little guy..


yeah I need to start looking for a cabinet. I still don't have any idea for the cabinet, the main problem is budget ](*,) .

with limited budget, I want to buy a lot of things. The first priority of course looking cabinet for the EVJ. and then I need reinforcement pickups for my SG model guitar and also considering buy an Epi LP Custom. But the priority might be change. My friend just told me that there is band manager around here that want to sell a Gibson LP studio. My friend said that the price will go around US$550 with big possibilities (almost 99%) droppping until US$450 - 500, and if I lucky it might touch US$400. I've looked the guitar and it's quite good. Haven't meet the owner, probably will meet in this Monday to talk about price.

but anyway, at least I already got EVJ for free from my father and I will enjoy that little beast [-(


Thanks for the comments

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slim -- You will really like the Jr. head, especially if it is the new ver. 3.


yeah I need to start looking for a cabinet. I still don't have any idea for the cabinet' date=' the main problem is budget.



If you are really tight on budget, here's a money saver suggestion: Don't buy a cab -- make your own!

I made two simple solid plank board "boxes" that 2 12" speakers will fit into and varnished them and put a grill cloth on the front. Then went shopping for 8 ohm, 12" speakers. Different speakers make Jr. sound quite different, so if you go this route you can mix or match to improve your "tones of choice." You can also buy 1 at a time as budget allows! You can also make backs for your cabs out of plywood as I did, but I seldom use mine. Hope this helps you too.


Right now I have a Peavey Blue Marvel and Eminence Cannibis Rex which together or alone do great low/mid blues rock. I also have one Celestion Vintage 30 and one 8" Eminence Legend in the other cab which do better cleans.


Anyway, custom build cabs are simple, wiring is simple and it's all I've ever done, and I have more for my money at the end of the day.


Hit every BLUE NOTE baaaby..., I'm going to play on:-"

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If you are really tight on budget, here's a money saver suggestion: Don't buy a cab -- make your own!


great idea Steven Lister.

I always have big interest in doing such "experiment". even if possible, I want to build my own amp. the only reason I haven't build my own amp is because in my country, it's really hard to find OT for tube amp.

but different case for cabinet. I still CAN find speaker in my country.

as you said before, building cabs is quite easy. so I think I can handle it. I got electronics lesson when in junior high school so soldering iron wouldn't be problem for me, just need more info about the wiring scheme.

thanks for the suggestion Steven Lister.

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just need more info about the wiring scheme.


Try these two sites for easy-to-read starters:




There is a wealth of reliable speaker building information of the web -- just browse and learn -- it's FREE!


I used pine board for a little softer (bluesier) tone than plywood or particle' date=' but you can also damp the inside of your cab with carpet pieces if whatever woods you choose are too resonant for your tastes (stick with wood material for the cab though). Some speakers like to be closed backed for deeper tonality, you may have to experiment based on the speaker. Some of the manufacturers websites give specifications AND RECOMMENDATIONS on cabinet style open/closed etc. Also, if/when in doubt, pull up the specs on a manufacturer's speaker cab that you already know you like. :-$ If you follow the path they charted, odds are you will end up with a really close cousin tone wise (maybe even better) -- and at a HUGE SAVINGS!=D>


These are a couple of things I learned and used in my project plan and it works for me -- I hope it helps you too! (& other budget players out there to play better WITH BETTER EQUIPMENT than they could afford if they had had to buy the over-priced pre-made offerings out there). I just can't seem to justify buying a Marsha** logo when I can have everything they have (Celestions or brand xxx) for much, much less. #-o


Hit every BLUE NOTE baaaby..., I'm going to play on :-

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Thanks Steven Lister!


It's great to get such info directly from experienced person like you.

I already found some stores that sell good speaker (Celestion, Eminence, etc) around my place. I will visit the stores soon. and I also has already start gathering some more info in some sites and local music forum.

One thing that still bugging me is the enclosure/cabinet box as it's also affect the sound/tonality.

But that is the interesting point, making some experiment to find the best sound [-X .

I think I will start this project soon.


Thanks one more time.

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whahaha =D>/


Thanks to God.

I got my EVJ head last day. Exactly at my birthday.

I supposed it's version 3 coz it has 5.2k OT and the S/N longer than 8 digits.

I haven't check the sound, coz I haven't got any cab'.

That's why I must do Steven Lister's suggestion ASAP.

I'm very happy about this.

And I hope I can make good cab' to match the EVJ.

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