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Hello all


I got this MIK off ebay, which arrived today so I thought I would share some pics...


I have never played a Casino before, I am truly amazed. Both unplugged and plugged in it sounds great. In fact I have never played a guitar with P90's either. The sound out of them is incredible. I don't understand why people change the stock pickups.


I actually have another Casino on order which is MIC. I am curious to see the difference as this seems to be a hot topic on this fine forum. I will let you all know what I discover.


I have also posted a pic of all of my guitars:








MIK Casino




Fender USA Tele


MIK Acoustic, sorry don't know the model. Had it for years!


See you all soon.

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Still considering doing that actually.... The only thing that puts me off doing it is having the screw holes showing. They do looking very nice without the pick guard as you quite rightly said.

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G'day Ant,


Congratulations on the new Casino, she looks great. Mine has quickly become my "go to" guitar because she feels so comfortable in my arms! The other "girls" are jealous but it was love at first sight. Sorry girls I can't help it.


If you think I sound a little crazy then your probably right and I have 5 psychiatrists that will back me up.




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Looks like you got one that actually has some grain character... Most of the natural Casinos you see look really plain... I love the stock P-90s on mine too... The only thing I changed was the bridge... I also ditched the pickguard... Not really trying to make it look more like John Lennon's (mine's purtier than John's!), I just think it looks better that way...

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Your Casino looks really nice in the pic there Lerxst...


I have heard that a lot of the MIC ones look "grey" and as you say, plain. When the MIC I have ordered finally arrives, I will post a full comparison of the two.


Also, does anyone know where the best place for a hard case is? The best price I can find is £60 ($120). I want one of the new Epiphone ones (the moulded kind).



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