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Hi everbody,


Yes I'm new here. This is the first epiphone forum i spotted out of google lists

I was wondering if it is possible to spot whether this stuff is real or fake from only seeing this picture (I read that some fakes can be spotted easily)

I was thinking of buying it since the price is very reasonable (well perhaps bit too cheap that's why i was a bit curious)

Appreciate in advance



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I agree it looks to be one of the early 90s Epiphones with the large bridge and without the E on the pickgaurd.


One of the online sites MF or 123 or someone is still using the 90s stock photos for the Dots with that huge ugly bridge. Looks to be in good shape and well taken care of from the photos.


If it says MIK legit. If MIC fake. Serial number on those should be on inside label in shoundhole.

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cheers for your advises and responses guys.


yes, my first question was on 'serial number' (i'm also aware about the 'guitar dater'), but the lady (seller) wouldn't want to bother at all only saying 'just come and check yourself'. my issue is that it takes quite a while to go there (especially when i could have it checked first, seeing if it's easy).


in case interested on commenting on the price, she asked for 350US$ and she said she bought in USA (yes it could be made in anywhere else).


so probably, despite the distance, would it be worthwhile checking myself?


i had also checked on internet myself before asking on here, one of better the sites seen: http://aceguitarshop.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=22&Itemid=36

but i still can not make up mind mind

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