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Neck crack question


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Hi! As many of you know, I am looking like crazy for a Riviera P93...


On Ebay, soundscheap inc, has 2 with some cracking on the neck. Should I go for it or no...


They say the guitars tune and play fine... I just dont know about a crack on a neck...



Enlighten me please.




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If you are keen on a p90 equipped Riviera, wouldn't another option be to pick up a regular Riviera - like this one I found on the 'bay:




...and stick a set of P90s in it? I'm guessing that as Rivieras are routed for mini-hums, they'll take a P90 (such as a Lindy Fralin) just fine.


Would be more expensive than tracking down a P93 though, I admit.

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I wouldn't pull the board for that crack.

In fact, you may have to bid against me.


The first repair job I did was for a guy with a cort lp that had a similar crack.

It ran from beneath the nut down the length of the board/neck an inch or so... then farther into the neck wood.


When he got it back you couldn't see the crack except that the paint was gone.. and he had his buddy the body shop guy spray it for him.

Looked perfect.


On that, I would probably repair the crack, without even having to mess the finish up.


That company sells a lot of cracked headstock/neck epis.. and they generally go for around two hundred.

on that guitar, that wouldn't quite be stealing it. because of the front and rear blems in the finish.

but those would largely be fixable, too.. reduced not perfect.. at least, I'M not good enough to make them disappear.



I'm watching!


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They both look fairly easily fixable to me.

If the truss rod is unaffected.. I'd buy either one of them.

I've done that repair a few times though, so I feel pretty confident.

Just too broke to buy 'em all.

I watched three go by that I wanted. les pauls.




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