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routing epiphone 56 gt


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Buying a '56 GT just to cut it up and put a set of full-size humbuckers in seems like a pretty bad idea to me. If you want humbuckers that much, get a Les Paul that already has them in. The '56 GT is becoming a rarity nowadays, so it seems a shame to do anytting so drastic to it.


However, I like the idea of putting mini humbuckers in it. There is a member on the forum who has already done this, so you may want to ask him for his thoughts on the subject.

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If you like the gold top look but prefer humbuckers over the P90's you can put minihumbuckers in it. Just be sure that you send the P90's to me PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE! LOL.

You can get the mini's at Guitar Fetish. Don't molest the gt by cutting it up.

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A friend of mine has a gibson gold top with humbucks.. routed to fit.

But he lost his finish in the process.


A pro can do it. An amatuer could wind up with chipped paint.

the paint is like a veneer.. except more like plastic.. you have to have really sharp router bits and know exactly what you're doing.


It can be done, it can be nice. But I don't beleive it's going to be cheap.


I would also suggest.. hotter p90s..

I use hot p90s in two of my guitars and for my money they have everything humbucks do and then some.

but minis are also a good choise..

research magnet type, and output.. and choose well and you should be cool.



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Putting mini-humbuckers in a P-90 space requires a small metal plate put into the bottom in order to attach the mounting screws.


Re-routing the P-90 space for a full-size humbucker will leave you with holes shaped like this:




There is extra space on both sides of the P-90, so with a humbucker you'll have extra space on the ends. You may be able to cover it with extra-big mounting rings, but unless you make them yourself, you're stuck with space.

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