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Do Les Paul Standard and LP-100 'feel' any different ???


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This is an important question to me, so hopefully someone can steer me in the right direction. I played classical guitar twenty years ago, havent played in a long time and now have the itch now to get an electric, as a beginner.


I really like the Epiphone Ebony LP-100...but when I picked it up, it of course felt very different that what I am used to - its much narrower (as most electric would be) and felt, well kindda - I dont know- cheapish? Perhaps it just needed better strings.


My question is this... if I paid twice as much for an better Epiphone , such as the Les Paul Standard, I would expect to SOUND better, but my question is, would it FEEL any different as I slide my fingers up and down the fingerboard?? I believe both are the same width, and both are rosewood fingerboards , so I'm assuming actually they wont feel any different (in which case I would stick with the LP-100.). but I cant say for sure. Any thoughts on this??

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Don't know the price range you're looking at, but from a "beginner to electric"

point of view, may I make the following observations/suggestions:


All the following guitars are at Musicians Friend:


1. LP-100: $299.00/Free shipping - Has bolt-on neck, never played one. Read the reviews on

MF website, harmony central, input from forum members who have played on. Has CERAMIC

Magnet 700T/650R open coil humbuckers.


2. EPI G-400 Vintage: $299.00/Free Shipping - Worn Brown/Worn Cherry "satin" finish. I

Would have bought THIS guitar for the price had I not bought my EPI LP Studio worn Brown.

I've heard nothing but good about this guitar, has Chrome Alnico V metal magnet covered

humbuckers (Bridge HOTCH (G) 13.8K/Neck 57CH (G) 8.6K). Satin Finish means you'll never

need guitar polish, just wipe with Chamois. Body is SOLID MAHOGANY.


3. EPI LP Studio: $349.00/Free shipping - Worn Brown. I OWN one of these, and I think it's

a damn fine playing guitar. Has open-coil humbuckers, same ones as in my EPI LP Classic, and has

a lot of "bottom-end" with volume maxed out. I DID eventually upgrade my pups to G-400s

first, then to GIBSON 498T/490R Chrome covered, but I wanted more midrange, just a personal

deal. We ALL go thru that phase eventually, but this is a No Regrets purchase. Body is SOLID



4. There is also the EPI G-400 Gloss finish (scratch and dent) for $303.00, OR the EPI G-400

Gloss finish new for $349.00, both with free shipping. Not sure about colors.


Bottom line, are you an LP or an SG style man? Do you really prefer BLACK GLOSS? Go to MF,

Sam Ash, Guitar Center websites and look. I prefer MF, others will disagree, personal preference.


Hope this "helps a little". Ask as many questions as you need to, someone here will offer up

an opinion!!!!!!

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Also don't, whatever you do, underestimate the value of shopping around. My own story of acquiring my LP Standard Ltd Edition, down to $500 Australian Dollars from an original RRP of $1300AU, purely because the Trans White colour wasn't quite so popular and they needed to 'move a few on'........

I was able to get into a much nicer guitar and amp package as a direct result of that bit of good fortune, and I am more than happy. It plays well and sustains like a complete mad thing, even in my inexperienced hands. I love the depths of tone & sustain qualities inherent in this guitar, & would recommend it very highly. If a Gibson sounds so much better still as regards tonal & sustain qualities alone, then I'm gonna start saving right now for one. This one, I just love, as you might be able to gather!!!

Of course, it's the same old story of buying the best we can afford.............and yes, asking lots of questions along the way never hurts =D>

Good luck with it all :)

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I can't be certain, having played neither an LP100 or Standard, but I'd imagine the LP100 neck profile is narrower. Perhaps that's why it felt cheap, it's just not as substantial, especially compared to a classical acoustic. If the LP Standard does have a thicker neck like I think, you might like it better.


If it were me, I would choose the G400 SG Vintage over the LP100. It has a set neck, better pickups, and an overall better finish, at least in my opinion. And it's the same price as the LP100. Of course it entirely depends on which guitar you prefer.


If you're really set on the Les Paul, I would go for the standard. A set neck is what gives a Les Paul its character, and helps with that trademark tone and sustain. I know we're talking solely about neck feel here, but overall, I think the Standard will have a better feel than the LP100, and be a much more fulfilling guitar. Not only that, but when your playing improves and the features of a guitar become more important to you, the Standard will be suitable.


Once again though, it's really down to you.


On a side note, the G400 is the same price on MusiciansFriend as the LP100! I wish that was the case here in NZ. The G400 is $250 more than the LP100!

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you will probably find that most, if not all electric guitars will have a skinny neck if you are used to playing a classic or flamenco style guitar previously. A les paul is a good choice. It has one of the wider necks and a short scale length which will feel more familiar than a stratocaster style guitar. Epiphone make good well priced instruments and you should consider spending a little more for the better guitar as it will have more tone and sustain.

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Many thanks for the discussion.


I think I need to up my game, and perhaps the money I hsd set aside from guitar + amp, around $750 CDN ($600 US), would be better spent on the guitar only for now…and get the amp later….and just use a headphone amp for my home theatre for now.


I am more LP than SG so I am, I guess, now looking at, to start,the Epiphone Les Paul Standard ( ie Standard, StandardPlain and StandardPlus)


Two questions at this point are:


1) I assume its in appearance only – what exactly is the difference in finish re std ; std plain ; std plus?


2) are all three available in ebony?





1) Les Paul Standard

http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Epiphone/Les-Paul-Standard.aspx (Ebony)

http://www.epiphone.com/default.asp?ProductID=44&CollectionID=6 (Ebony)


2) Les Paul Standard Plain Top

http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Epiphone/Les-Paul-Standard-Plain-Top.aspx ( Not ebony)

http://www.epiphone.com/default.asp?ProductID=266&CollectionID=6 (Not ebony)

http://www.long-mcquade.com/?page=products&ProductsID=1166 ( Ebony ! )


3) Les Paul Standard Plus Top




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You are correct, the difference is appearance only. The LP Standard is the only one available in Ebony, in fact that's the only colour you can get it in. The Plain Top comes in a variety of Burst finishes and shows a bit more grain in the wood, if that's what you like. I know I do! The Plus top is 'Flamed', it has a distinctive pattern in the wood but is not available in Ebony.


If you like Ebony, perhaps it's worth considering the Les Paul Custom, but it's a fair bit more expensive than a Standard and a tad more than you've indicated is your budget.


MF has the LP Standard in Ebony on sale for $429US at the moment which leaves you with $170US to play with for an amp. I can recommend one of these.

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Many thanks.


Actually I'm already at the $750 CDN budget (tax extra) even with no amp:


CDN$ :


$665.00 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Ebony Plain Top

$16.00 stand

$50.00 Strap, picks, etc

$731.00 Sub


$36.55 GST tax

$58.48 PST tax


$826.03 TOTAL



No cables, amp, pedals or headphone amp. --> so I will use a connection to the home theatre for now...

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i dont really think its appearance only. i own a lp-100 and a friend has a lp classic. i think the 100 definitely feels like a cheaper guitar and the pups sound a little hotter on the 100. theyre not as warm as covered pups. the tuners arent as nice on the 100 either, the standard coming with grovers. theyre both good guitars but i think the standard is worth the price gap.

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i dont really think its appearance only. i own a lp-100 and a friend has a lp classic. i think the 100 definitely feels like a cheaper guitar and the pups sound a little hotter on the 100. theyre not as warm as covered pups. the tuners arent as nice on the 100 either' date=' the standard coming with grovers. theyre both good guitars but i think the standard is worth the price gap.



We were talking about the difference between the LP Standard, Standard Plain, and Standard Plus models, being only appearance. The LP100 sans binding and trapezoid inlays, does look quite a bit different to the Standard, you are correct.

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Do you have to have new? I have purchased a lot of very nice guitars off e-Bay and you could save enough to get an amp. Just make sure you ask the right questions to the seller.


Good point. Dont have to buy new, and no probs with e-bay (or any e-tailer) in general, And its quite tempting even for a NEW guitar, - I note the LP Standard is $429 at MF and $650 up here, But most of the ebay sellers and e-tailers are in the U.S, and its gets logistically/economically messy getting the goods to my Canadian front door once you factor in shipping, duty, brokerage, exchange, insurance, etc, especially for fragile (guitar) and/or heavy (amp) equipment. Works fine of course for local sellers., or local dealers.

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