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Hello, I'm new here. How's everyone today? I think I decided that the next guitar for me is a Casino. I've had 2 Epi LP's in the past and I liked them. Now, my only guitar is a MIM tele. I've read nothing but good reviews on the Casinos, so tell me why should I buy one? What's the verdict on EPI P-90's.

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Welcome to the forum. There are a lot of nice and helpful people here.


Why should you buy a Casino?


(in no particular order)


1) Light weight - only about 6 pounds


2) Great neck - short scale, long radius, it's "touch and go"


3) Great sound - the combination of the P90 pickups on the hollow body makes it sound like nothing else


4) Looks good


5) Works as an acoustic guitar too, so you don't even need to plug it in to practice


6) Much cheaper than a Gibson ES-330





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