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I present to you the Gibson Spirit "Special"










Repairs include:


Stripping yellow spray-paint

Patching extra space in pickup cavities

Refinishing with black nitrocellulose

Adding pickguard (made by our own TWANG) and new knobs



There's still a small issue in the wiring, which I'm pretty sure is due to a ground wire, so it's not quite playable, but it will be making its stage debut at the end of the month.


I will be spraying more clear nitro later on. It's a very, very thin coat at the moment, and I'd like to thicken it. I also need to shape the pickguard a little bit more... it doesn't fit quite perfectly, and is very difficult to take on or off... it's tight between the pickups and the pickup and fretboard.

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Wow !! Mee Likee ! are those origional Gibbie soapbars?

gotta finish it........

No' date=' those are Seymour Duncans... I can't remember if they're SP90-2 or SP90-3. They were in it when I got it, and I liked them.


It was originally fitted for humbuckers (Tim Shaws from the factory, I believe), but a previous owner decided to convert it to a Les Paul Special. I just cleaned up their mess.




You can see the space from the humbuckers... I filled that in, except for the one closest to the fretboard, which is covered by the pickguard.

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