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I CAN HAS $700???

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just back away from brand loyalty


you guys just don’t get it do you?


This is now into like 3yrs' date=' get over it


Hell, i'd buy a class ab 18 watt 6v6 head from someone else at that price if there was one... I'm not brand loyal... Actually, after i'm done with college, i want to learn how to build my own amplifiers, but right now i just don't have the time...

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They got the iron hot, then they forgot to bring in the laundry.

I don't get it.. It seems to me they must have known they weren't anywhere near ready to ship, long ago.

It seems to me they used sweetwater and the vjs reputation to test the waters.

Ignoring how ticked off this would make people.


And it also seems they forgot there was any competition, or how hard the criticsism would be for all these new products if they

didn't really offer much in reality.


A big VJ with a lot of knobs looked dreamy when they started out.

Now, I'm perfectly willing to build my Baby Will and let someone else find out if this is happy or sad for epi.



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