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Jack Knife

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Interesting. Given that the Special is one of the less expensive Gibsons, can we expect the Epiphone Special to be priced below the Epiphone Les Paul Standard?


Can we expect double cut versions? And Juniors with set necks and a single Dog-Ear P90? I'd certainly be interested in either an LP or SG Junior in that guise.

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Hi Jack' date='


I'm glad you asked! Coincidentally, you should see the Les Paul Special (set-neck, soapbar P-90's) in the US market in both TV Yellow and Cherry around March/April 2010.






The wrap bridge version shown on that website? Cool! Just in time for my birthday!



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Epi 1....what's going on, with the LP Customs being made in Indonesia???! You might want to drop

into the Electric forum or Lounge, and address this. There are some pretty interesting speculations

going on there, regarding quality (or lack thereof) of said LP Customs. Even to the point of some

thinking Epiphone/Gibson, has decided to hire the counterfitters, to produce the guitars, as opposed

to taking them to court?! The Chinese LP Customs are far superior, but it seems those are few and

far between, in some of the "Big Box" stores, these days. What's up?!!


Hope you can help! ;>b



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