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The Slash models have the long neck tennon.



According to my Gibson rep, most of the Epiphone LP's have long neck tennons now. The Slash GT also has the green key tuners, a case, strap and a bunch of Slash-related case candy. It's a good guitar ... very light weight for some reason. The gold always looks a little "greenish" to me. Personally, I prefer the GT with the P90 soapbar pups if you can find one!


$799 for an opening bid? Sheesh ... buy it new for that price ... or less!



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as far as the answers to your questions-


Yes i have the both the slash epi GT and Gibby GT.


The Alnico II are very nice no complaints.


As far as intonation I've never bought a guitar that hasn't need tweaked.


The epi is made in China yes.

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a student of mine has one.. nice guitar...great sound' date=', plays great.....the slash sig case screams..."STEAL ME" though... you might wanna buy a regular case if you are a gigger [/quote']



"thanks for the insperation Randy"


Spell Checker goes a long way!

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