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small or starter acoustic..


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anybody got one?

what brand?

looking to avoid first act nonsense..

want a playable tuneable acoustic for a kid. very young.

no crap' date=' but no martin, either.




How big a kid we talkin'?


Does it have to be steel strung?


A guitar teacher friend of mine recommends Strunal for fractional sized guitars. These folks carry them on line:




He says they are affordable and are not junk. I think he said they are made in Czechoslovakia... or whatever it's called now.

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I have yet to find one of those "kiddie" size guitars that are worth a darn.


In something a little more substantial ya might look at something like a Simon and Patrick parlor guitar.


Seagull guitars also give you alot of bang for your buck.


What I ended up doing was buying my daughter a strum stick. Basically a three-string dulcimer you strap over your shoulder and play with either a pick or your fingers. Big advantage is that since they are open tuned, a kid can easily pick out songs.

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