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Rewiring a Joe Pass


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I am planning to order a total new assembly and two Gibson '57 Classics from Mojotones for my Epi' Joe Pass Emperor. I am thinking of tackling this myself based on the instructions from Mojotones on their video:



The tutorial is for a 335 bodied guitar, but I am told the process is the same for a Joe Pass, but that I just have to supply them with the exact layout of the pots, switch and jack socket, so they can build the assembly on a Joe Pass designed assembly board. Do these exist already anywhere? Somebody else must and done this?


As I will order the P_ups from Mojotones they can do a solderless option for attaching the P_ups to the assembly has anyone ever used the solderless option?


My question is has anyone rewired a Joe Pass, can anyone give me any advice before starting this project.

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Mojotones wants a diagram of your wiring and knob layout. They will need this to make your harness.

Take a picture of the body, and email it with measurements between the knobs, pickups,

switches, and jack.

Label all the knobs and switches as to which function it is also.

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I just put a Lollar P90 in my EmpRegent. Drilled the top for a tone and volume control like the L5 WES. Didnt have any problems getting the pots through the f hole. The only thing that is a SOB is the output jack, and even then, once I made a connector to help fish it through it was a piece of cake too. I am using CTS pots. Not as big as sealed pots but chances are you arent getting sealed pots from Mojo either.


Hope this helps.

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On every Epiphone semi hollow body I have done, you access the control cavity thru the bridge pickup hole. Pre wire your harness, squash it nice and flat and feed it through. Then wrestle the controls in the right place, bolt everything down and presto! I made it sound real easy.

But seriously, you ain't getting much through the f hole and that ain't how Gobson got em in there in the first place, they went in through the bridge pick up access route.

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Hi Musikron


Today I loosened the strings on my Joe Pass and unhooked the tailpiece, removed the pickguard and lifted out both p_ps to have a good look inside and there is plenty of room to carry the work from the bridge p_up cavity, once my new assembly is ordered and arrives.


I am pondering over P_up and pot combination's right now, I really want a '57 classic neck '57 classic + bridge combination and will get advice on the optimal pots to use with those for jazz/blues.


What has thrown a spanner in the works are excellent reviews of the Seymour Duncan Jazz neck SH-2 paired with an SH-4 JB in the bridge.


Has anyone got any views on these two p_up set options for a Joe Pass.


Added bonus, was resetting the bridge and adjusting for intonation, when I put everything back, sounds sweeter than before. I also had the switch out and cleaned it up a bit there was a little oxide on it and it works a little better now, but still needs replacing.


Link to my other post, about my final choice of P_ups

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