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Is this legit?


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Pretty nice looking 'Gibson'. Astonishingly good price too. of course, y'know what they say, if it's too good to be true, it probably is. What do you guys reckon? Fake? Idiot seller?


Given the poorly copied and pasted description, I'd be inclined to say fake. Also, it's described as having gold hardware, but the picture, which is apparently the real deal, shows silver. It's also supposed to have a black pickguard, switch ring, and pickup surrounds, when clearly they are cream. Though it wouldn't be uncommon for there to be a variation on the standard hardware specs.


I'm set on fake, anyone care to disagree/prove me wrong?

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Too good to be true. Highly unlikely to be legit. Photos are too poor to be of any practical use but the poor english usage and lack of information rings alarm bells, as does the price. Flame maple looks a little "too" good, like a photo-finish.

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I think it is a fake. I've never seen a control panel cover in that position on a Gibson. It should look like this:






As opposed to this:



That Lower horn looks really weird too and Gibson doesn't put stickers on their pickups or guitar bodies

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