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Epiphone Wiring Help!


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Hey dudes, I recently bought a epiphone les paul standard as a project guitar, but nothing is wired! I mean the pickup selector is just there without any wires attached and so are the pots. Can anyone help me out with how i can solder the pickups in?


PS I have all the wires but i just dont know where to put them in


All your help is appreciated thanks!

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the simplest and I think better sounding diagram is the vintage gibson style..

but they all work..

and don't forget to turn all your pots to zero when applying soldering iron heat..

so you don't wreck them.


follow the ten second rule.. dont apply heat longer than ten seconds at a time.

let things cool.

use a low watt iron, too.. 40W tops.


tin your leads.. I even tin the lugs on the pots and the jack..

it lets the wires connect faster and stay stronger.

no big globs of solder.. just enough to connect and fill the lug holes.


rat shack has some little packages of heat shrink tubing.. I like to use that on any component leads that are bare..

looks cool and keeps things from ever touching and shorting.


always keep an eye out for tiny wires.. a single strand can reach from lug to lug on pots and drive you bats.



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Any ideas for a wiring diagram on a G1275 doubleneck? I have been Googling with no success' date=' and the Gibson version is different (and not as well thought-out as the Epi IMO). Would Epiphone send me a schematic if I was to plead?[confused']


I can't see why not. I've got some help from Epiphone on some other issues I had.

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