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Well.....that decal (or painting?) would not have been my choice' date=' especially on a Sheraton, either!

Maybe a "Strat" or "Telecaster??" But, I'm not one for "decals" anyway. However, the other mods,

look nice...and as long as YOU like what you've done...that's really all that matters.





+1 I have a motorcycle, and I've seen people who spend close to $5k for custom paint jobs. Some are tastefully done, while others are...well, you know...different strokes for different folks!

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No decals for me either ... or dice knobs, flames, skeletons wearing top hats and holding the ace of spades, etc ... they all just look too contrived and trying to be a rockabilly tough guy!


I have, however considered some tasteful pinstriping for my Gretsch 5120. Nothing as overdone as this, mind you:




I would like to get the F holes striped though ...



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