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Yep, the magazine and the movie are both very, very cool. A friend of mine was throwing out a bunch of stuff from his home, so he gave me his old box of Heavy Metal back-issues. That was a great day.


As far as the movie is concerned, I've seen it about five times...I love the soundtrack and the stories of the individual segments. Interestingly enough, though, I thought that the longest segment ("Taarna", which was the last one, and the "main" piece of the film) was the least interesting--it hit me as very poorly paced and indulgent. Too much T&A and not enough story or character development in that one. What's funny about it (though not "ha-ha" funny) is that the stories the segment is based on (Moebius' Arzach comics) are really great. They don't even have dialogue, but they're breathtaking in the best way possible--I suppose they were going for that in the movie, but to me it just came off as really slow and dry. The best thing about "Taarna" (and this was a REALLY GOOD THING) was that "The Mob Rules" was in the soundtrack for that one. Besides that, it still hasn't managed to hold my attention as well as some of the others--especially "Captain Sternn" and "B-17," which had some truly awesome visuals and a really creepy atmosphere. Just my two cents.

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I remember going to see Sammy Hagar in concert in L.A. with my girlfriend about this time.

Wow! what a night.

I was a big Hagar fan at the time.


And this too was a big part of my youth.



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