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Hey all. So it's been forever since I've ever gotten a chance to even look at the forum, much less post anything. But, yesterday I ran across a deal that I couldn't pass up. I am a frequent looker at the pawn shops here in my little town and usually they don't have anything worth playing, much less buying. But yesterday I walked into one of the shops on my lunch break and I saw an Epiphone Sheraton in Natural hanging on the wall. So I had them show it to me and I asked the price, fully expecting the normal local pawn shop pricing structure of "original sales price-$20= used sales price". But they had it marked $325 and I was able to get it for $300 out the door (saving me about $55 after the price drop and sales tax being built into the price). Well, I've talked too much, but it's a '97 from the Samick plant. All the gold hardware is almost worn down to about 1/2 gold and 1/2 silver now but for $300 (WITH CASE) I am more than happy. Got to play it live last night, and IMO it's the best my gear has sounded in a long time. Anyway here are the pics.



She's a beauty.



My favorite guitar was my Sunburst Sheraton, so getting one for this price was a no-brainer.



The two headstocks.



An interesting note here. The '97 natural is about 2" shorter than the '07 sunburst. Does anybody know if the headstock angles changed in that time?



The worst part of the guitar (if there is one) is the wear on the neck pickup as you can see hear. Think the former owner got really sweating and laid his hand on this pickup.



Beautiful front woodgrain



AMAZING back woodgrain. I think the front would look just as good if it was blank.


Well that's it. Feel free to comment.


Edit: Also the tag inside of the F-hole just says "Sheraton" not "Sheraton II". Is this normal for the ones from around this time/from the Samick plant?

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Billy- To that answer, I have to say that I have no way to tell, as the '07 neck is sunburst and it is black at the body/neck connection as well as the neck/headstock connection. If we are talking about it vertically, both have the much debated 5-piece (3 piece) light/dark/light/dark/light neck on them if that makes sense.


Brian- Thanks for linking that thread, that thread is what made me want one of the older suburst Sheratons with that beautiful finish. I appreciate the tip on cleaning up the hardware, although I think the pickups are beyond hope for beaming. If the rest of the hardware comes out nice and pretty, I might look into changing the pickup covers because these pickups sound beautiful. Like "screw how they look, best crunch I've ever gotten out of a tube screamer beautiful". The sheraton's my favorite guitar on the planet and my favorite finishes are 3. New sunburst, 2. Natural, and 1. Old Sunburst. Basically, 2 down 1 to go. I'm pretty sure that a third version of the same guitar would send my wife over the edge, but then again I don't know. I called her before I bought it (as a courtesy) and I told her it was a '97 Sheraton in natural for $300 and she was like "oh, from when they made them in the Samick plant right?". I was very impressed. She's saying she wants to learn and she told me she was stealing this natural one to learn on.

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