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Anyone know anything about ABY pedals?


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Don't know for sure, I have a Morley ABY and works just like it is supposed to.


I bought it used for $25 dollars.


Runs on batteries only and the batteries last forever since they really only power the LED lights.


Nice rugged pedal.

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I've made some ABY pedals and the thing about them is this:


Most of them have a resistor tied right to the input that bleeds off some of the signal right as soon as it gets into the pedal. The Morley is like that. So there is tone suck with a Morley.


The ones that I designed and made are different and, as far as I know, the only ABY I've ever seen that always grounds out the unselected input when it's not in use to prevent popping and stray noise when you switch inputs. Everything is hard wired throughput. But they really are only suitable for use in front of the amp - like for switching guitars. I never recommended them for use for speakers.


I have the wiring diagram somewhere - I can't find it right now - and if you want to make one yourself I can find it and send it to you.

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That Big Shot looks like the thing to get. Its all wired direct with no resistors or any other weird stuff and the ground loop phase thing looks cool.

I use the STARTOUCH ABY since a few years.

No batteries, handwired, no tone suck, no problems.

Ever since I run 2 amps in stereo and get a killer sound.

Could not live without it anymore.

Check out the website!

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